About the London Photographer

Hello. My name is James Goodman and I am a Family Portrait Photographer based in North London, where I have lived for 25 years. I specialise in new born baby, and child portrait photography.

My life as a photographer started at an early age, with a good eye for capturing the soul, as well as the beauty of an individual. After the birth of my twins, Ruby and Oscar, my passion for child portraits blossomed resulting in the distinctive artistic style I have today.

My calm and patient demeanour, creative talent and candid approach shape each session. I take an unstructured, natural approach to each of my family and child portrait sessions, allowing personality to shine through the lens. It is all about capturing the moment!

I prefer to take photographs in an environment natural to my clients. A portrait seems much more appealing if the subject of my photography is actually participating in an activity. A child playing, eating, crying, giggling, reading or running adds a level of energy to the photographs. It also puts them in context and adds additional visual elements to an image.

I find this method tends to show more than the static, formal styles of portrait photography. I do not ask for forced poses or smiles, but try to photograph people when they have no idea that you’re doing it.

Preserving those golden moments of childhood is my promise to you. Encapsulating the character and individuality of your child, in an artistic and evocative way is the focus of every portrait session.

"James spent three hours with our two boys aged 4 and 9 months. It was obvious straight away that he has a natural and easy connection with children, making the portrait session fun and interesting - despite periods of an un cooperative 4 year old child!
He had excellent ideas for capturing their personalities and utilising our house and garden to come up with some fantastic family portraits. James's enthusiasm for photography and commitment from the first meeting, during the photo shoot, editing and the very well priced and amazing coffee table book being delivered has been flawless. We would highly recommend him to anyone. Thank you James!" Annika Guise, Highbury, London