Family Photography London

Candid Newborn Baby, Child and Family Portraits.

I am a Custom Portrait Photographer based in North London and specialise in the fine art of Family, new born Baby and Children Photography. My work targets each facet of a child’s development, and I focus on capturing the innocence and beauty surrounding each stage in their majestic journey through life.

One of the most distracting things in photography is the flash, so instead of blinding babies or children within the first frame I use natural light to capture my small clients. I also take a candid approach to my portrait work, where I try to photograph a child without their knowledge. I like to stay in the background where my subjects are less aware of the camera. With this approach, more is revealed about the children being photographed. It is less invasive and captures people acting naturally.

One of the beauties of candid photography is being able to catch children in the act. Capturing those unplanned moments of childhood emotions - the precious expressions, special looks, contemplative gazes, moods and tantrums, cheerful giggles or tears. Mannerisms that make up each child’s character and individuality. It all adds life to the pictures!

From the expecting mum to the new born infant, the precious little baby bundle to the strong-minded toddler, from the inquisitive child to the confident teen, my portraits capture the unique characteristics that children embody.

To find out more about my personal style of child portraiture, please feel free to view one of my recent child photo shoot London or family photo shoot London Galleries.

On location photographer

A photo shoot can take place either within my client’s home, in an outdoor setting, or in my portrait studio. I love visiting my clients, and photographing them and their children in their own environment. This way I find the portrait sessions are more comfortable for all concerned, it is a lot less stressful for the Parents and the Child, as they can relax and exhibit their behavioural traits and characteristics within their own space.

As well as operating within the Greater London area, I also love to travel throughout the UK and internationally as a family portrait photographer, and I am also available for children's birthday parties, christenings, new born baby photo shoots and special event family photography.