Common FAQs relating to London, Baby and Family Photography

How long will a London family portrait session last?

A London portrait session usually takes up to three hours, depending on how responsive the child is being, the amount of family members and choice of locations. Newborn or baby shoots can take longer, allowing for feeding and nap times. I am there to take emotive portraits of your loved ones and will stay as long as is needed.

How do I check availability and book an appointment with the photographer?

Checking my availability for your portraits is easy, simply email with your preferred dates for a photoshoot and I will call you back, or email you with my availability and to confirm your booking. I am available weekdays and weekends.

How do I pay for the photographer for the session fees?

A deposit of £50 is required to secure the appointment and is paid via bank transfer. Payment for the remainder of the photoshoot is taken by the photographer on the day.

Are there any hidden costs?

No. Session fees cover my skills as a photographer, and also the post editing work I do on all the images from the photoshoot. Additional fees will apply for nationwide or international travel.

Can I buy a gift voucher for a portrait session?

A photo shoot makes a fabulous gift. Please contact me for your personalised gift voucher, which can be redeemed against the value of the photoshoot, printing or any other products. Vouchers are valid for six months.

What should we wear at the shoot?

You should wear anything you feel comfortable in. Textured clothing works really well in Black and White portraits, as does contrasting colours. Try to avoid Logos on clothing as the images tend to date quickly, and can ruin a portrait years down the line. For your child or baby, hats and blankets add contrast and interest and favorite toys, add a personal and intimate element to the photography. I can guide you more about clothing, before and on the day of the shoot

Can parents be in the portraits too?

Of course. My style of photography leads to candid images of families interacting with their children in a natural way. The traditional forced smiles and awquard poses are avoided. As a photographer I prefer to stay in the backgound and capture the spontanious gestures and special moments between the baby, children and family members throughout the day.

How many people can be in the portraits?

The maximum number of people to be included in the session is five. If you need additional members in the photographs there will be a charge of £20.00 per head.

When and how will I view the portraits?

Editing the entire session usually takes two weeks. This gives me the time to select and edit the most suitable images for your gallery. The images will be sent via email as photo gallery. I will also assist you in choosing the best images to print, or to use as a series, and go through the various printing and product options available to showcase your family portraits.

Do you travel outside of the London area?

As well as operating around North London and within the Greater London area, I love to travel throughout the UK and internationally as a portrait photographer, and I am readily available for all of your special event family photography.

Can I reschedule my portraits with the photographer if needed?

Absolutely, I am a Father as well as a photographer and your portrait sessions can be rescheduled if you or your child is not feeling well, or if you need to change the date or time of your session due to family pressures. It is no fun trying to take great portraits of a poorly child or baby. Please give me as much notice as possible, especially at weekends.

Do you shoot in colour?

I get asked this question alot! I love being a photographer that is specialising in black and white photography, It allows me to play with natural light and the tonal qualitites of an image in a creative way, and to produce artistic and timeless images of your family that will look good on your walls for a lifetime. Black and white portraits have the ability to remain current unlike some colour processing techniques, which can quickly become out of date.

All of my images are initially shot in colour, and transormed using special post editing techniques to produce creative portraits of your family, baby and children. If required, I can advise and work on producing some fantastic colour toned or saturated images, to bring out certain features within a photograph.